Founded in 1972 by Ron and Mary Ann Fountain

Lovingly purchased by Pam & Frank Frazier in 1998

We have grown the farm and added a few new beds since 1998 but the last 5 years have seen the most expansion.

We first started selling some garlic at the Wakefield Marketplace a few years ago but starting late in the season in 2008 we started selling veggies just about the time the Silver Queen corn ripened that year.

In the spring of 2009 we doubled the number of raised beds and started concentrating on raising greens and salad mixes along with all the other good summer veggies.  We were at the Wakefield Marketplace all season through Columbus Day.   It was a great learning year for us and we made many new friends and customers.

In 2009 we also had our first farm stand at the Farm –

The spring of 2010 has seen one of our biggest expansions yet!  We added 7 new beds on the hillside, each one 5′ wide by 70′ long.  We also more than doubled the size of our Hoop House from 20′ long to 52′ long.  See the pictures in our gallery page.

All that expansion put us behind in planting for 2010 but look for us to catch up later this summer.  With the new hoop house space we hope to be growing great greens and other tasty veggies well into the next winter.

In 2011 and 2012 Frank was working full time in the corporate world and not a lot happened on the farm except for the construction of our new bigger hoop house and that we became officially “Organically Certified”!

A new exciting phase for Mooseview Farm is starting here in late May of 2013!  Farmer Frank is now full time on the farm.  Look for major expansion of our growing areas and lots more good healthy food grown locally!

Stay tuned for further adventures in small scale farming here at Mooseview Farm!

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