The Garlic Harvest has started!

July 13th – we have started to harvest garlic and boy what a difference a year makes!

Last year with all the rain it was about the worst conditions for growing and harvesting good garlic.

This year with 5 days of a heat wave leading up to the first day we harvested it was about as perfect garlic weather as you could ever hope for.

So far we have harvested about 1/4 of the crop and the Montara Rocamboles are the best ever at MVF.  The Music and Asian Tempest are also just wonderful.

The crop now heads to the drying shed for proper curing.  If you ever buy fresh garlic and it is a little mushie it may be because it was picked and sold and not properly cured.   It really needs to hang in the shed with good ventilation for 2 to 3 weeks depending on the air temp before it is used or sold.

Look for it from Mooseview Farm the last weekend in July.

We are the Garlic Capital of Brookfield!


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