New Start for 2016!!

Hi, please bear with us while we update and rebuild the Mooseview Farm Website! For all of you who don't like Facebook we promise that we will keep the website updated this year! For those of us who do like facebook you can find us at It is early February - hopefully we will [...]

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The 2014 Season

We already have a lot of greens started in our new seed starting room to get a jump on the 2014 growing season. We also have a lot of plans to expand beds and other projects on the farm including re-vamping this web site! Last year all of our posts went to the farm Facebook [...]

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The 2013 Farm Season is here!

Hi everyone, time to update this web site! For now you can see what we are up to on our Mooseview Farm Facebook page. Today - May 25, 2013 is opening day at the Wakefield Marketplace Farmers Market - we will be there!!

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Mooseview Farm is a SPIN Farm!

As we start our 2011 season at Mooseview Farm we are going to start an exciting new chapter in this "experiment".  We have joined  a great group of small scale farmers that follow the guidance and encouragement provided by SPIN Farming  - Small Plot INtensive Farming. We have picked an area of our "lower [...]

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The 2011 season at Mooseview Farm is about to start

We have plenty of greens in the greenhouse The first batch of potatoes have been planted The Garlic is coming up!

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Welcome to 2011!

It's seed ordering time here at MVF! Over the course of this first week of the year we will be placing our main seed orders. Once they are done we will post the highlights here so you can see what will be coming to our new Farm Stand and the Farmer's Markets we go to [...]

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Fall at the Farmer’s Market

Hi,  we have made it past Labor Day and are now into the fall veggie season. We have winter squash now and soon will have a great harvest of new fall potatoes! Here are some pictures from our Fall Themed booth at the Wolfeboro Farmer's Market last week.

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Labor Day Approaches – so does the Corn!

We are heading towards Labor Day this coming weekend and along with it the traditional end to New England Farming. Our Silver Queen Corn will be ready to pick this coming week and we hope to have it at both the Wolfeboro and Wakefield Markets. Come visit us at the Farmer's [...]

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All Garlic Varieties ready this week

All of our garlic varieties - Music, Montara Rocambole, Asian Tempest and Elephant will start coming out of the drying shed in time for our markets this week. See us in Wolfeboro on Thursday or Wakefield on Saturday to get your organically grown garlic. Fresh garlic should always be properly cured before it is sold [...]

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The Garlic Harvest has started!

July 13th - we have started to harvest garlic and boy what a difference a year makes! Last year with all the rain it was about the worst conditions for growing and harvesting good garlic. This year with 5 days of a heat wave leading up to the first day we harvested it was about [...]

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